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Event Architect brings a new leap within the event industry. An event is a complex, dynamic environment. “Events are temporary occurrences …They have a finite length, and for planned events this is usually fixed and publicized.” (Getz). Event Architect aims to guide special events with Scope, Service and Schedule.

Watt’s SMART Objectives for Events
  • Specific to the Event
  • Measurable in Statistical Terms
  • Achievable or Agreed by Those Involved
  • Realistic or Relevant to the Resources Available
  • Timed Around the Event Schedule
Event Architect brings in tailor-made logistical support in event publicity: Online, Television, Newspaper, Magazine and Radio. Event Architect also provides logistical support for event campaign and provide following services:

  • Still/Video
  • Stage/Light/Sound
  • Manpower
  • Celebrity/Grand Opening